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Addi Express Cactus!

Decorate your home and work space or give it as a gift, these Addi Express Cacti are quick and easy to make. Mix and match yarn colors for a unique cactus garden. Did I mention these don’t need any care!

What you will need,

- Small Clay pot ( 3"-3.5")

- Lion Brand Fun Fur in color Olive (or any color of your choice)

- Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

- Fluff to fill your cactus ( you can use whatever you have on hand. Sometimes I use yarn scraps.)

- Small fake flower

I'll make this quick so you can get started. I wont bore you with any unnecessary details.

1.First you're going to pull your fun fur out of the roll a little bit so you have some loose when your starting off. I find it just goes a lot smoother if you have a couple yards pulled out first.

2. Weave the fun fur in and out of the pins on your Addi Express, casting on as normal. (turn slow to prevent damaging your machine. ( I would not recommend using a drill attachment for these.)

3. Do 30 Rows and cast off.. Pull one end close and tie to secure. ( you can do more rows to get a taller Cacti but 30 rows will give you a round cacti, see photos below.

4. Fill your Cacti with fluff until the desired look is achieved.

5. Pull second end close and tie to secure. Now you have a fuzzy ball.

6. Heat up your Hot Glue Gun and secure Fake Flower to the top and the Cactus to the pot.

And you're done!

Gonna give it a try? Share with us by Tagging us in your phots so we can see all the cute knit cacti out there. Happy Knitting, Thanks for stopping by, Shaina Perry

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