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Diy Easter Baskets!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Ok, Easter is right around the corner and you're looking for something new to WoW the little ones. How about an Easter pinata? Well not exactly a pinata but kind of lol. These DIY paper mache Easter eggs make great gifts for Easter. Every year I make my nephew these paper mache Easter eggs filled with goodies for them to crack open. They love seeing the decorated eggs and knowing that they get to break them open to get all the goodies inside is an extra bonus. Last year the littlest one took a hammer to it and the older one went straight for the egg drop. I can't wait to see how they will open them this year.

Want to make your own? Super simple but requires patience and it does make a mess but we got time, right?! Fist you will need,

Newspaper, I use the weekly flyer

Water, Room temp


Pinch of salt

Small bowl, for Egg to sit in

Mixing bowl



Masking tape

Acrylic paint, and puffy paint if you choose to decorate the same way.

Basket fillers: Eggs, candy, small stuffed animal etc.

Clear wrap, for decoration, optional.

*First, I like to clear a work area where the eggs can sit and dry without moving too much. Cut your paper into approximately 8 inches by one-inch strips.

*Blow your balloon up to the desired size but make sure it's big enough to fit all your goodies in. Tie your balloon off and set aside.

*In your mixing bowl, mix one-part flour with 2 parts water with a pinch of salt. Mix until it’s no longer lumpy.

*Now dip the paper strips into the mixture. Take any extra liquid off by running it between your fingers to create less drips. Place the strips onto the balloon, repeat this until the balloon is covered except the top. Set it aside and let it dry making sure you turn it in between so the underneath can dry also. Repeat the paper mache process until the egg is the desired thickness. I usually repeat the process 3 times.

Once the egg is all dried, we can start to prepare for painting it. Cut the balloons top and let it deflate. Stick your scissors in the hole and cut a circle around the top large enough to fit your goodies in. Once you have the hole cut, remove the deflated balloon and fill the egg.

Once the egg is filled, I like to use masking tape to cover the hole on the top where the balloon knot was and to tape the top back on the egg. The masking tape works best for painting over.

Now you can paint! Be creative and have fun.

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