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Diy Flower Magnets

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Everyone who crochets always ends up with all these little extra pieces or small balls of yarn. What do you do with them? Most would stash them aside for a larger project such as the classic Granny Square scrap blanket but let's be real, how many of us have gotten around to making one? Not me. Someday it WILL happen.

The little basket I keep next to my couch filled with scraps and the leftovers from other projects was getting full. I needed a new project, something that was fun and quick maybe even something I could add to my craft fair inventory. I had so many colors and the lengths of yarn, some were on the shorter side. While binge watching Netflix with my husband I starter aimlessly crocheting simple flowers, honestly just to get rid of the yarn and make the pile smaller. I didn't really have a plan of what I was going to make yet but before I knew it I had 50 flowers made. I threw them on my work table and forgot about them for a few days to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

Monday rolls around and as usual half way through what I was doing I got distracted. I started playing around with the crochet flowers and a few fake flowers I had out from a previous project.

Together they looked so cute but what could I do with them? I know! Magnets.

How cute would those be. A..DORABLE!! I gathered my supplies and got to work.

I pulled out my glue gun and got crafting, glueing the magnets to the backs of the flowers and then picking and choosing which flower buds looked best with each crochet flower. It was a lot of fun creating these.*Make sure you use fake flowers you already have or visit your local thrift store before buying new ones. Save the planet one day at a time.

What You will Need:

Crochet Flowers, Magnets, Fake Flowers, Scissors and a Glue Gun.

When doing this project you wanna make sure your flower buds will fit inside your crochet flower. These magnets can be made using different crochet flower techniques, the possibilities are endless.

Once you have your fake flowers picked out you can pop the little buds off the stems and start arranging them with your crochet flowers. I like to match all my flowers and buds together before glueing anything. Some flower buds may have a longer stem that sticks through the back of the crochet flower, your gonna want to cut that down so it lays flat with the back of the crochet flower and doesn't interfere with the magnet when gluing it on. Now that you have all your flowers and buds matched up it's time to fire up the glue gun and start gluing. Flip your crochet flowers to the back side, add a dab of glue to the magnet and place it in the center of the crochet flower. Quickly flip over your crochet flower to the front and add a dab of glue to the middle of it. Poke the fake flower bud through the middle and hold for a few seconds as the glue dries. Once dried they are ready!

These magnets will make great gifts for moms grandmas or even your teacher. Give them as a housewarming present or decorate your home or work space with these unique flower magnets. Good Luck. Show us your magnets on instagram @LoveLife_Gifts or just #LoveLifeGifts . Happy Crafting!

Shaina Perry

Love Life Gifts

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