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Photo Transfer onto an Easter Egg

Ok people... i'm stuck in the house with this self isolation stuff going on. My mind is going crazy in a good way. I feel all the creative juices flowing again. It started out with my husband wanting a cake. We never have eggs in the house because we just don't eat them that much, so today we did. I got the idea to blow the eggs into the bowl for the cake and i'll decorate the hollows for easter. They were really pretty on their own I didn't want to dye them. I got to thinking what if I Modge Podge photos onto an egg like I do wood.....Would that work? I did it on a rock before and it's lasted for years, inside. Why not.. let's give it a try... all I have is time these days. I prepared my stuff and got to work. First picking which photo to use, I could have picked lighter and clearer photos but I learned from my mistakes. Print your photos using a LASER JET printer, inkjet won't work and then cut them out. I tried using the whole photo, it creates wrinkles and in the end made it look wrinkled. Next time I will cut around and make less folds in the paper. Ok...Next... Paint your egg where the photo is going to go with Modge Podge. Place your photo side down and smooth it out. It may seem slippery at first let the glue catch and dry a little then it will press down and hold better.

Once you have your photos on your egg, put them in a safe place to dry. I let mine sit overnight just to make sure everything was good. Ok now the tricky part, getting the paper off. You need patience and a gentle hand, you're working with a fragile egg. Using a sponge gently wet the paper until it is visibly wet and somewhat see through. Once you can see the paper is wet on the whole photo you can start rubbing. With your finger gently rub the paper away. Some parts will roll off in chunks and some you will have to be a little more cautious with. It's important to not over rub the photos or wet it to much because that could rub the ink off. Let the egg dry and if it still looks white you can repeat the process over and over until all the paper is all off. Check out this video I made on YouTube so you can see what it looks like when taking the paper off.. Good Luck!

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They came out great!

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