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Fishing Gnome

Fishing Gnome

Fishing Gnome!


Gnomes alone! Decorate your space with these beautiful knit decorative gnomes with their unique mustache and beards they are sure to bring a smile to your face.

These Gnomes will make a great addition to your tiered tray decor.

Each gnome is handmade using a soft acrylic yarn and features a beanie shaped hat, gray arms, a wooden bead nose and hands.

They are filled with a rice pouch to add weight and maintain shape.

This Gnome features a miniature fishing Pole. 

The Gnome measures 8" tall when the hat is straight up.

These make great gifts for the gnome lover in your life.


Choose Custom Hat Colors From: Maroon, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Sage, Olive Green, Ocean Blue, Navy Blue, Plum, Purple, Light Purple, White, Linen, Light Gray, Black Brown or Cinnamon.

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